Junior Bouldering Ladder 2014 Part 2

Round 1 : July 18th - August 11th
Round 2 : August 15th - September 8th
Round 3 : September 12th - October 6th
30 problems per round set by the in-house team graded F3a (easy) - F6c+ (hard)

Scorecards can be purchased at the reception for £1.00 per round.

The problems can be attempted as many times as you like in the allotted time periods.

Scorecards to be handed in after every session so we can update the online ladder which will be displayed on this page when the event has started.

10 points for a completed climb.
5 points for a bonus (a marked hold roughly half way up the climb)
1 point for a flash (first attempt)


5/6 Male & Female
7/8 Male & Female
9/10 Male & Female
11/12 Male & Female
13/14 Male & Female
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