Summer Bouldering Ladder 2014

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Round 1 - Inhouse Team
Friday 6th June - Monday 30th June

Round 2 - Dave Barrans
Friday 4th July - Monday 28th July

Round 3 - Inhouse Team
Friday 1st August - Monday 25th August

Round 4 - ?
Friday 29th August - Monday 22nd September
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Every Summer CNE holds a bouldering competition suitable for any level of climber. 30 problems are set for the start of each round graded from easy to super difficult. The aim is to complete as many problems as you can gaining points to climb as high as you can up the ladder. The ladder is the scoreboard that will be on this page when the competition has started. The problems will be set by the in-house route setting including Kevin Milburn, Philip Wombwell and Tom Armstrong. Guest setters will also feature for a couple of the rounds. Scorecards will be available to purchase from reception for £1.00.

Categories - Adult Male & Female (16+) / Under 16 Male & Female / Vet Male & Female

10 points are gained for topping a problem
5 points for a bonus (only if a climb isn't topped)
1 extra point for a flash (first attempt)

All starting holds are marked for each of the problems
Both hands must hold the top hold for 3 seconds to complete the problems
All grey volumes are included
Smearing and all aretes are in (unless specified)

The problems are up for over 3 weeks per round and you can try the problems as many times as you like. Beta will be available from staff at reception and we will be posting videos for some of the problems during the event. Goodluck!

Prizes are available for podium positions in each category and there will be a raffle at the end of the competition!


1Jamie MantleAdult MaleEvolv Shoes
2Alfred Millet SikkingAdult MaleT-Shirt & Climb On Pack
3Chris HallAdult MaleClimb On Pack
1Alison MonksAdult FemaleEvolv Shoes
2Harriet RidleyAdult FemaleT-Shirt & Climb On Pack
3Jessie HarrisAdult FemaleClimb On Pack
1Martin ParkerVet MaleHoodie
2Steve CroweVet MaleClimb On Pack
3Dougie StephensonVet MaleClimb On Pack
1Kieran PatersonUnder 16 MaleHat & Climb On Pack
2Luke DavidsonUnder 16 MaleClimb On Pack
3Lewis RossUnder 16 MaleClimb On Pack
1Caitlin WombwellUnder 16 FemaleHat & Climb On Pack
2Vicky WardUnder 16 FemaleClimb On Pack
3Carla ?Under 16 FemaleClimb On Pack
1Tom ArmstrongStaffN/A
2Kevin MilburnStaffN/A
3Ben PattersonStaffN/A


NameRaffle Prize
Michael GoldsmithHoldz T-Shirt
Bob JamiesonClimb On Pack
Ian CannonEvolv Hat
Oliver BoughtonHoldz Chalkbag
Heather GoodmanHoldz Chalkbag
Simon Tual-ChaletHoldz Chalkbag
Dale CheesemondHoldz Chalkbag
Jim RoweDmm Chalkbag

Final Scores

PositionNameCategoryRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Total
1Jamie MantleAdult Male3253253213291300
2Martin ParkerVet Male3213263253271299
3Tom ArmstrongStaff3233133083241268
4Alfred Millet SikkingAdult Male2863182993271230
5Kevin MilburnStaff3223132513221208
6Chris HallAdult Male2892552683171129
7Edward BrownAdult Male2732672603101110
8Alison MonksAdult Female2592782343021073
9Daniel WhiteAdult Male2832682332681052
10Matthew HallAdult Male2722022563141044
11Max ClarkeAdult Male2682622023021034
12Alex PeaceAdult Male221241219309990
13Shaun DukeAdult Male263228220262973
14Andy LauAdult Male222243194293952
15Will WelshAdult Male30531331611945
16Steve CroweVet Male220225209271925
17Michael GoldsmithAdult Male247207111302867
18Dan JordanAdult Male188219174258839
19Tyco McdeeAdult Male206231148237822
20Ben PattersonStaff3233191700812
21Craig ManningAdult Male174215168233790
22Phil WombwellStaff2661530307726
23Simon Tual-ChaletAdult Male156196161209722
24Kieran PatersonUnder 16 Male2773011060684
25Dougie StevensonVet Male184162121200667
26Harriet RidleyAdult Female2372621610660
27Carl RichardsonStaff32431400638
28Jon SlaterAdult Male16118653212612
29Graham WardVet Male159117115196587
30MooleAdult Male2231811490553
31Mark HowlettAdult Male26025900519
32Jessie HarrisAdult Female1491630171483
33FlintAdult Male10116562150478
34Ian BlackburnVet Male1260157185468
35Neil RobinsonAdult Male015880183421
36Caitlin WombwellUnder 16 Female0106140174420
37Heather GoodmanAdult Female8990103136418
38Ian GateAdult Male18401540338
39Vicky WardUnder 16 Female115110950320
40Jim RoweAdult Male94135090319
41Rachel KainAdult Female19012300313
42Robert JamiesonAdult Male598053121313
43Graham SteadAdult Male01460158304
44Will PearsonAdult Male5523800293
45Oliver BoughtonAdult Male1848600270
46Ben DawsonAdult Male261000261
47Richard LockeyAdult Male000252252
48Ian CannonAdult Male14410000244
49Michael KenyonAdult Male239000239
50Luke DavidsonUnder 16 Male0863289207
51Pete JacksonVet Male020600206
52Michael DaglishAdult Male179000179
53Dave MentlakAdult Male017700177
54Ryan NicholsonAdult Male016700167
55Martin DixonAdult Male6710000167
56M PerkinsAdult Male000148148
57Sam StewartAdult Male527700129
58Nicky HumbleStaff119000119
59Chris RenneyAdult Male0950095
60Karl CrawfordAdult Male0085085
61Dale CheesmondAdult Male0007373
62David StewartAdult Male0006464
63Anthony BurrellAdult Male5500055
64Lewis RossUnder 16 Male4800048
65Carla RowleyUnder 16 Female4800048
66Esme HarteAdult Female3800038
67Dale ?Adult Male3000030
68Kieran HudspethUnder 16 Male1000010
69Tommy MayUnder 16 Male1000010
70Kieran DonaldsonUnder 16 Male50005
71Matthew LinnettAdult Male00000
72Will MestonAdult Male00000

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